The 4 Different Types of Kayaking That We Should Know

Kayaking is one outdoor activity that is fun and exciting to do. When you say Kayaking, it needs to be more specific as there are a lot of types of kayaking available. If we want to try it, we should learn some basics first so we can know which one is the best for us. Check out the different kayaking and see which one is right for you.

1. Recreational Kayaking

It is the most basic type of kayaking that is popular for beginners. It is usually done on protected bodies of water for safety precautions. The kayaks used for a recreation kayaking are wide and very stable. It doesn’t present any risk of danger because all you need to do is, just paddle for fun.

2. Touring Kayaking

Touring Kayaking is not for beginners. It is intended for more experienced people when it comes to kayaking. You need to be able to paddle around for a longer time. This type of kayaking is still done in protected areas, so there is nothing to worry about.


3. Sea Kayaking

From the word itself, it is the type of kayaking done on the large bodies of water such as seas and oceans. The kayak used has two bulkheads that are sealed. You should be a very experienced kayaker if you want to take on the sea. It is also important that you know the principles of navigation because the sea is pretty dangerous.

4. Whitewater Kayaking

It is one of the most popular kayaking as it is done on rivers and streams. If you are wondering, it is the kind of kayaking that we usually see in movies where there are rapid water flows. It is fun, and it will give you the adrenaline rush, but it is also dangerous, so you have to be careful.

Just a quick reminder because you need to think about your level of expertise in kayaking before you decide which one would you like to try.

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Camping Tent For The Family

It is always the best experience if you will spend time camping with your family. It is a different kind of bonding whereas you will get to know each other better. It is a good way to keep close family ties. A family on a camping needs a tent where everyone can rest. Buying a tent is not easy though because there are some things that you need to consider.


1. Purpose

You need to be specific of the reason why you want to buy a tent. Is it something that will be used by the whole family on a usual camping site or is it going to be a tent placed on your kids in the backyard? You need to make sure about your purpose of usage before making a purchase.

2. Capacity

It is essential that you know how many people will be sleeping in the tent before you buy anything. If you buy too soon without even considering the people who will be using the tent, you can end up purchasing something too small for the family.


3. Height

It is not usually an issue, but it is still important to consider if any tall members of the family will be uncomfortable using the tent. You also need to make sure that you will be buying something big and spacious if there is anyone who has a fear of tight and enclosed spaces.

4. Construction

If you already thought about the things to consider, you can now move on to the construction of the tent. You need to check it if the seam of the tent goes through the bottom or if it is made a bit above the ground. You also need to check the poles and go for something that is made of aluminum as it is more reliable than others.


Make sure that you thought about these four pointers before paying for a tent so that you can maximize its usage.

The Top 6 Tools Needed For Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is one tiresome sport that will make all the parts of your body work. It is not easy most especially for beginners. There are a lot of things to learn before trying out your first climb. Aside from that, there are many gears to prepare before you can even step foot on the mountain premises. Check out the top gears needed by a mountain climber.

1. Footwear

You don’t expect that you can climb the mountain top with just your regular running shoes, right? You need the right footwear to be able to succeed. Get double boots with a sturdy plastic shell.

2. Crampons

It needs to be strapped or pinned in your footwear. The standard spikes required are 12 if you want to get a better chance of finishing your climb.


3. Rope

Yes, you need a rope for mountain climbing. There are just a lot of ropes available but if you are using it for a mountain climb the diameter should be at least 7.6 mm up to 10 mm.

4. Belay Device

There are a lot of Belay device available. You just need to choose which one suit you best. Choose the best based on what you are comfortable with. Put in mind that it will be used for friction on the ropes so that you won’t fall.

5. Harness

It is used to be the connecting point for your ropes to keep you safe. The best technique to get the right harness for you is to choose something that has less padding.

6. Ice Axe

When I say ice axe, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will just be using it on a snowy mountain. It is a T-shaped axe that is used by mountaineers to pick on the ice or rocks but most especially as an anchor in cases of a fall.


There are a lot more items that you should prepare, but these are most important tools that you should have if you want to reach the mountain peak.