A Guide for the Mountaineers

Preparing for a Mountaineering Trip

Personal Health – You need to be prepared first before engaging yourself into mountain climbing, like jogging 2-3 weeks before the schedule to prepare your leg muscles.

Clothing – you should wear clothes that will easily dry, not those cotton clothes and denim pants as you will be sweating profusely during the climb.

Gear – For day hikes, you don’t need Tents. But, if you want to stay overnight you need a Tent for your rest and sleep at night, also to protect you from rain, winds and insects.

Food – In preparing, food should be one of the top priority. As you need to fuel yourself to energize, and you need to prepare those type of food that are easy to cook and requires only little amount of water.

Climbing Buddies – You should bring a companion that is expert/has experienced on mountain climbing  to reduced the risk , let  other people know that you will venture into the woods.

Itinerary – creating itinerary serves as your guide on what time you will reach your destination and what time you go back, also send a copy on it to someone you knew before you start your venture.





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